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I just had a dream, and it was the most terrifying dream I've ever had.

Posted on:March 4, 2022 at 09:26 PM

I just had a dream, and it was the most terrifying dream I’ve ever had. I dreamed that dozens of military planes flew over the city I was in, buzzing and hovering, and suddenly many paratroopers jumped off the planes, and at first everyone thought they were the People’s Liberation Army and went up to see what was going on. I didn’t expect to find out that their parachutes were carrying Japanese flags until they got closer, and then some of the people started running away, and there was already gunfire coming from afar.

In the dream, I somehow became a young woman, was with my father and little brother in the vegetable field while picking vegetables and joking, then saw the Japanese army came, I instinctively began to run, and asked my father and brother to run together, because I was young, ran a step faster, hiding behind the door of a small house, my brother ran a step slower, was caught by the Japanese army, I saw through the window that the Japanese were angry for some reason, and then my brother was crying out for help in desperation, and the Japanese suddenly shot him in the head, and I could barely hold back my screams, and tears came to my eyes! That’s when I thought back to still separated from my father, and my mother had not yet contacted. But I could not wait to think more, a Japanese soldier entered the room I was in, and then began to search whether there was anyone, I was scared to death behind the door, but finally was found, when the Japanese soldier pulled the door, revealing his face, I felt more desperate than ever.

Then, probably because of the hope of surviving, in the dream illogically appeared several resistance people who knocked out the Japanese soldiers and saved me. I rushed home after my escape from death, and it was already the next night. Fortunately, the Japanese soldiers were not killing all people on sight, and my father was still well at home.

The next thing I knew was that the most painful thing in war is not death, but what the people who survived the war had to endure. My father said to me, “You can prepare my funeral now.” I didn’t understand, and he continued: “Your mother came home last night thinking that you and your brother were dead, desperate to the extreme, has passed away, and I also do not want to live.” Before I could get upset, my father continued, “Why did you run away? Why didn’t you take care of your brother? It was because you ran away that your mother left in despair without hearing from you at all.” I instinctively argued, “I’m a young woman, I can’t imagine the consequences if the Japanese soldiers caught me!” . My father said, “What can you imagine? What can you do if you are caught? Look, I’m fine now!” After hearing these words, in addition to all the pain that I had just experienced from the Japanese army, a deep, desperate sense of powerlessness was born, and it seemed that my father blamed me for all of this, which I knew was unconscionable, but it was probably the only way for my father to give himself psychological comfort. All these things happened to any person, he could not bear it, but there was nothing I could do but cry.

The good thing is that it was a dream, and here I suddenly woke up. Even though I’ve been awake for a while now, I still can’t get over it, and I decided to record this dream. After experiencing this dream I know how terrible war is and how much suffering it can bring to the people of the country that are affected by it, both physical and spiritual. Bless the people of the countries where the war took place, bless China, Ukraine, Iraq, Syria, and I hope no one else will experience these nightmares and not let them become reality!